Renewable Energies

 All Green Energies is engaged to achieve the vision:

"Europe 100% renewable in 2050"

The following video explains how this vision can become reality.


For versions in German, Spanish or Catalán please see http://www.youtube.com/user/allgreenenergies/feed. The videos are a co-production of and Kristian Petrick and Miro Poferl (Utopia.de).

A Powerpoint presentation is explaining the concept in slides.

For a German strategy, please also visit the website: www.deutschlandenergieautark.de and the website of Utopia.de  http://www.utopia.de/magazin/vision-2050-europa-mit-100-prozent-erneuerbarer-energie-video

More information on reports about 100% renewables can be found in this file.